No girl likes to start over with a new guy. Getting to know a guy all over again. Learning how to feel comfortable with a guy all over again. Giving herself mind, body, and soul to a guy again. Going through that awkward phase of being body shy around a guy again. Sharing her secrets and spilling out her thoughts and emotions to a guy again. Meeting a new guy’s family and getting to know them all over again. Have a new guy meet her parents hoping they’ll be accepting all over again. Opening up and letting a new guy see the real side of her all over again. Fight through her trust issues and place her trust in another man again. Work on her insecurities so they won’t push a guy away all over again. Give her heart to another guy and learn to love someone new all over again. That’s why girls love to stick with the guys they’re already with, no matter how bad it is, because it’s the guys they’ve been through all that with already.
No girl likes to start over with a new guy (via thisoldskin)
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This is the line that has gotten me through life.
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"Those people with stretched ears and tattoos are all bad news."


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"And all guys who take AP classes and play sports are tasteful &great respectful young men"
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my blog will make you horny ;)
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who knows you may like my blog x
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I need this on my blog
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